Monday, March 12, 2012

Herding Cattle (By Kate)

Online dating and ranching have more in common than I originally thought. Both are messy, overwhelming and throw me way out of my comfort zone. It is like "herding cattle" or a potential match to the water hole. But once at the water hole all traditional dating tactics are thrown aside.

Within the first 36 hours I was given two numbers. One by a sir who forgot to give me his name and anotherwho was passing it out like people pass out hors d'oeuvres. (needless to say,) I wasn't picking what he was passing. I was taken aback when a sir was honest with his need for "friends with benefits". I wished him luck on his search and said that I would pass but I did learn the whole situation required a glass or two (or a bottle) of wine which I was out of (note to self: restock wine before checking Match again).

Here is what I have gather after first dust settled:

1. Getting a phone number from a guy who (one) you have never met or (two) who you know nothing  about for that matter; seems much less creepy in a bar and after he (hopefully!) has bought you a drink then coming email from a stranger. Yeah, no free cocktail arrives at your front door when you sign in.

2. Instant messaging which I thought died in high school is back with vengeance. YIKES.

3. I feel as though I have been blindfolded and am trying to laso a moving target! There is nothing easy about this process (not that I am not accepting of the challenge) and it does not come with a manual. All words of wisdom are welcome (please share). 

4. Online dating it can be down right forward and most times awkward. I can be (well am) awkward this whole situation flusters me. It is like a personal Dinner for Schmucks. Ughhh to you madam for the horrible movie suggestion...woof.

Soooo, I will jump back on the horse and see where this takes me. The patience to see this through will be tough and God knows Laurel agrees. We didn't realize there was actual work involved but hell we are in it now and can't turn back.

Here's to the rodeo! Cocktail please.


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