Thursday, March 15, 2012

There's an App (by: Kate)

Soooo, there is an app for this. For the first time ever I am excited to have a Droid (well let's not get ahead  of ourselves, the index card still sucks) due to the fact there is a app. Laurel has app envy. Sucker!

A few positives and negatives of course:
+ Positive: full constant access
- Negative: full constant access (we all know I love a good Facebook and Twitter browse; now add my match app to the list)
+ Positive: access when you are on the go (more to come on that topic)
- Negative: potential notifications - if the green light is flashing it will annoy the shit out of me until I check it and makes me the person who (sometimes!) is always on their phone. You win some you lose some. SINS.
- Negative: again constant full access (What if I missed a notification?! Oh I'll just check it. I can hear the thoughts popping up one by one.)
+ Positive: being in a bar accepting and or denying match with a friend, hahah.

Well that is a pretty even split although the negatives are a bit more intense than the positives but what the hell, who cares?! The funny thing is I still go online and forget about my full access app, can't teach a dog new ticks I suppose.


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