Thursday, March 15, 2012

We are Up to NO Good

We have taken the rules (if there are any) of and thrown that shit out the window. Remember brita filter guy? The one who hasn't changed his brita filter in two years?! Our mutual fav. After a glass of wine and the discovery of the app (see all feelings on it below) we decided to email him. This is how it went down.

It looks as though our trouble making may have lead to success - and we aren't even mad that we are wearing the pants! We have also come to the conclusion that we must bring him a gift. Why? Because honestly he is probably taking pity on us and we need to properly express our gratitude. We have been saying we need some male counterparts for a while and we know he has funny friends hiding somewhere. Our plan? A new Brita filter. [Note: Kate keeps them casually stashed in her apartment, by the way]. Let's just hope he uses it (we will keep you posted, obvi). Now for some individual input into this conversation:  

After hearing the great news, Laurel had a gem of a comment and I would like to point out the following: 1) I don't disagree at all with with the statement below but I do wish to clarify that while, yes, this is a very typical Kate statement, no, it did not come from me and 2) I is aware that there is a good handful of you out there that are shocked that I may have changed my  ways. I wants to throw you a big old "psyyychhheee" (like we would have in the 90s) because absolutely nothing has change. Anyway: here is Laurel's response to our success. 

Couldn't have put it better myself, Lo! 

Oookay 1) he signs his name LB. Like its a place. It's like an episode of the Dream Team takes LB and LB is obviously the place to be; 2)  I have been trying to bring back psyche for a while so thanks, K.; 3) I would like to preface this entire conversation by first referencing how my night began...Long story short it went something like this: Kate telling me I smelled delicious, me telling her that I didn't have anything on and that she must just like my pheromones which means we are supposed to be together forever. Feel free to take a second to digest that. I wasn't at all joking, by the way. SINS if that makes anyone uncomfortable.  Anyway, clearly we were in for a doozy of an evening - I mean, we tag-teamed someone on and Kate thought the old men trolling around were semi attractive. Blame it on the pheromones. 

Lastly, we may or may not have threatened LB by appending our most recent email with the following post-script: 

"Don't even try to hide your funny friends from us." This time, we can't blame it on...well, anything. 

Over and out,
Kate and Laurel: The Dream Team 

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